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New party game Hot Seat arrives on Google Play

Released by Mutant Labs, Hot Seat is a new party game for Android. The game is based on association, with the player having to think of a word beginning with a particular letter, and within a given category, such as Birds beginning with the letter “O”.

Players will race against each other, to see who can correctly answer their way through ten categories with the fastest time. Other categories we found can be more abstract than the one I listed: Reasons to quit your job? Things you see at the zoo? Things you can get your finger trapped in? Things that smell bad? Reasons to smile?

Hot Seat Features:

– Play with two to eight players, or more with players in teams!
– Feeling daunted by a potential ‘I’ round? Roll again!
– Your friends are the quizmasters! Will they accept your answer or not?
– Variable settings – adjust the settings to adapt the game to any group scenario. Rounds can be made easier, harder, longer or shorter by increasing or decreasing the maximum number of letter re-rolls, the maximum number of in-game passes, pass time penalties, questions per round, and rounds per game.
– Available anytime, anywhere – no internet connection required.

Hot Seat is available from Google Play for free, with a $1.99 IAP to remove ads, and unlock all of the 200+ categories

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