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NetMarble invests $130 million into SGN to become their biggest shareholder

More investment and funding news today and this time it is NetMarble investing a bunch of money into SGN. If you are unfamiliar with either of these companies, NetMarble is one of Korea’s biggest mobile game publisher, while SGN is apparently one of the fastest growing game developers here in the USA.

In total NetMarble invested $130 million into SGN, making them the company’s biggest shareholder now. The partnership is a pretty strategic one, since both companies have a lot of weight in their respective locations. SGN is looking to grow their share in Asia, the biggest mobile games market in the world, while Netmarble will use SGN’s expertise to expand their presence in the West. However both companies will maintain their independence, but will work closely to share their creative and technological knowledge.

So we should be seeing more NetMarble releases here in the West, while folks over in Asia should be seeing more SGN titles appearing in the near future. Unfortunately no actual titles have been announced as of yet for either region.

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