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Want the new rare Galaxy S6 card back for Hearthstone, without buying a Galaxy S6? Here’s how.

Hearthstone is Blizzard’s popular virtual CCG for multiple platforms including mobile handsets that’s based on the World of Warcraft universe. Recently, Blizzard released a custom card back that was made exclusively available for those playing the game on a Galaxy S6. If you don’t have a Galaxy S6, but you’re OCD about collecting every card back in the game, that means there will always be one missing from your collection… or does it?

Well, there’s a work around available for players who want that card back, while not playing it on the Galaxy S6. The tl;dr version is to download and root using an emulator for the SGS5 for PC, and going from there. All the steps are outlined below, as well as a video from YouTube that shows everything as well ( at bottom of the article). Happy emulating!

Part I: Installing the Android emulator:

– Download the Genymotion tool, which emulates Android, from the Genymotion website (Website/Download here)
– You’ll have to create a Genymotion account, it’s worth it if you want the card back.
– Install the Genymotion app that you just downloaded.
– Boot up Genymotion.
– Say yes when it asks you if you want to create a virtual machine.
– Log into your Genymotion account.
– Once signed in, search the list of potential devices for: Samsung Galaxy S5 – 4.4.4 – API 19 1080×1920
– Click through to select that device, and then start it up when you’re given the option.

Part II: Downloading Hearthstone:

– Once you have your virtual Galaxy phone running, hit the menu button on the right hand side.
– Click “System Settings” then “Security.”
– Scroll down to “Unknown sources” and click it so that there is a check in the box.
– Hit the home button.
– Type “Amazon App Store” in the Google search bar at the top.
– Scroll down to and click on “Amazon Appstore: Getting Started.”
– Click the button to download that program.
– Click at the top of the virtual phone screen and drag down to open the notification bar.
– Click on the download to install it.
– Now, click on the Amazon Appstore link that should appear on your home page (or in the list of apps).
– Sign into your Amazon account.
– Search for and install the Hearthstone app.
– Do not launch the game yet.

Part III: Turning your virtual Galaxy S5 into a virtual S6

– Hit the home button and open up your list of apps.
– Click File Manager.
– Click the menu button at the top left (it looks like a hamburger mmmmm…).
– Click the settings cog icon on the bottom left.
– Click “General Settings” then “Access Mode” then “Root Access mode.”
– Click “Remember choice forever” then “Allow.”
– Still in the File Manager app, click on the hamburger menu button at the top left.
– Click “System folder.”
– Scroll down to and click on “build.prop.”
– Select “Editor” and then click “Open.”
– Find the following line: “ro.product.brand=generic”
– Change “generic” to “samsung” (no quotations for any of this when you’re actually typing it).
– Now hit the enter button to make a new line, and type the following: “ro.product.model=SM-G920F”
– Click the disk icon on the top right to save.
– Close the Genymotion emulator.
– Start it up again.
– Load up Hearthstone, sign in, ???? and profit with a new card back.

Website Referenced: Venturebeat

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