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Razer’s Serval game controller is now available for purchase on Google Store

Back in June 2015 Razer’s Forge TV bundle appeared on the Google Play store in the device section. The bundle came with the Forge TV unit as well as one Serval game controller as well for a singular price. However, if you needed a second controller, you would have to go elsewhere to buy it… until now. Razer now has the Serval controller on Google Play for sale on its own.

With all that is going on with Razer helping indie developers that got screwed by Ouya’s Free the Games fund, the company just buying out Ouya, and Razer having big plans for Android TV in the near future, this isn’t a big surprise with the controller showing up. Just to clarify, this is the same controller that comes with the Forge TV bundle. While this is made for Razer’s Forge TV, it is a fully-functioning Bluetooth controller that can be used with most Android devices as well.

So whether you need an extra controller, or just want one for gaming on Android, you can pick up Razer’s Serval controller off of Google Play now for $79.99. If you want to pick up the Forge TV bundle, that will set you back $149.99. Shipping is free with both items.

Official Website: Serval Controller on Google Play

Website Referenced: TalkAndroid

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