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Here’s a first look at Borderland Online for mobile with a new trailer

The big gaming conference in China, called Chinajoy 2015, has begun and one of the first things to come out of that show is the first trailer for Borderlands Online on mobile. We originally reported on this game coming to mobile back in December of last year, where it was at least confirmed for a release in China.

For those of you who missed our previous coverage, Borderlands Online is a Shooter-MMORPG set in the Borderlands world. Even with a trailer there still isn’t a whole lot of details about this game. What we do know is that 2K Games and Gearbox are working with Shanda Games to ensure that everything will be up to Borderlands quality. We also know that there will be four playable classes when the game launches: Soldier, Hunter, Siren, and Berserker.

Borderlands Online will feature an open world like traditional MMORPGs and will also have a pretty big focus on PvP as well. However, you can team up and complete quests throughout the Borderlands world with other players, also like your traditional MMORPGs for PC. The new trailer, which is in the video above, shows us some of the gameplay that will be in Borderlands Online, and it looks good, real good.

The one problem that still exists is that the game is still only confirmed for release in China, which is a real shame if that remains true. Borderlands Online could do real well on an international market. It would actually be strange if it only was released in China. There will be a closed beta starting August 12th in China, so hopefully we can find out a lot more about this game when that starts.

Website Referened: PocketGamer

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