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Nexon Korea soft launches their upcoming Fantasy War Tactics game in a few locations. Global release coming soon.

Back in April of this year we reported on a new mobile title coming from Nexon Korea called Fantasy War Tactics. Being labeled as an SRPG, this means it is a strategy RPG and these types of games usually take the form of a turn-based tactics style of gameplay. This is indeed the case with Fantasy War Tactics and today the game is starting a soft launch in select regions.

For those of you who missed our previous coverage, Fantasy War Tactics will feature both a large single-player campaign as well as multiplayer PvP combat. Players will be able to collect over 50 customizable heroes, all of which can be swapped in and out of their current group they are using. One thing to note here is that Nexon mentions that all 50 of these characters can be unlocked and playable through playing the game.

Regardless as to whether you play the single-player or multiplayer modes, players will need to take advantage of movement, terrain, ranges, and hero skills in order to do well in this game. This also means that a good team build is also pretty strategic as well.

Since this is launching in a location-limited soft launch, not everyone can try out Fantasy War Tactics ahead of the global release. If you live in Finland, Netherlands, Australia or Malaysia, you will be able to download and start playing Fantasy War Tactics as of today. The rest of the Android gaming world will have to wait. The global launch is simply labeled as ‘coming soon’.

Google Play: Fantasy War Tactics

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