Day: 31 July 2015


[Update: Now on Google Play] Prehistoric meets Sci-Fi in Mammoth Gravity Battles, now available on Amazon

In a mix of disparate concepts, players will have the opportunity to fly UFOs that are piloted by wooly mammoths. Players are looking to fire their choice of sixteen different weapons through three-dimensional sectors of space, but (being outer space) there are gravitational fields to be factored in, and are caused by things such as stars, planets, asteroids, and wormholes.


Nvidia issues a voluntary recall of Shield Tablets due to battery overheating risks

Interesting news this morning from Nvidia as the company has issues a voluntary recall for their Shield Tablets. A voluntary recall is just as it sounds, you don’t have to send your tablet into Nvidia to get replaced, but by not doing so you take responsibility of future risks. So why the recall? Well it is apparently due to the tablet running the risk of having its battery overheating, posing a fire hazard.


[Game Review] 4 x 4 Jam HD: A stunning racing game in need of a little tune-up

Invictus Games has produced quite a few games for Android. Not too long ago, they released Daytona Rush, which was a pretty good endless racing game. Their latest game is 4 X 4 Jam HD. If there is one word to describe the graphics, it would be stunning. It is one of those games that your friends can see you playing, and their comment would probably be…”Those are graphics on a mobile device?” The game looks that good. The game play is definitely fun, but the game could use a few tune-ups under the hood.