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Soul Guardians gets updated with a new Priest character

ZQGames has updated their Soul Guardians game for Android with a new character which falls into the Priest class. As you may be guessing, the Priest is a healing character, dedicated to keeping the other heroes in the group the Priest is in from dying.

Even though the Priest is basically a dedicated healer, he does has a little bit attack ability as well. The Priest is available for both single-player and co-op multiplayer, so people should be able to get further into the harder dungeon of the game now.

Priest Abilities:

– Sanctuary: Summons a giant stone Golem packing a mean hammer fist
– Divine Blessing: Summons an almighty guardian from the sky causing damage to all enemies in range
– Angelic Strike: Creates a magical healing ring to restore lost HP to allies
– Holy Cross: Holy power exploding across an incredible wide range, damaging all enemies caught in its path

For those of you wanting to add a Priest to your groups, you should now be able to do so. If you haven’t checked this game out and want to, you can download Soul Guardians off of Google Play for free.

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