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Final Fantasy: Record Keeper gets a new content update and a big giveaway with prizes

Final Fantasy: Record Keeper has steadily been expanding since the game’s release and today this game has gotten bigger still. The size increase in content is thanks to a new content update that has arrived today. This update not only brings new content to the game but improvements to certain features as well, especially the Soul Break system.

Firstly, Lightening (Final Fantasy XIII) finally makes her first appearance in Final Fantasy: Record Keeper as well as Eiko from Final Fantasy IX. Both characters are now available in-game. Along with the addition of the new character, improvements and tweaks have been made to the user interface and battles.

However, the biggest improvement is actually aimed at the Soul Break system. Soul Break are powerful pieces of equipment that can be collected and, when equipped on the right character, can unleash a huge amount of damage. Up until now, you had to have the appropriate piece of gear on the correct character to use Soul Break skills. This is no longer the case. Once a character has mastered their Soul Break skill, they will be able to use it even though that particular piece of equipment may not actually be equipped. This also means that players can choose different Soul Break mid-battle for additional strategic decisions.

This update is now live and available off of Google Play for download. If you don’t have this game yet and want to check it out, you can download Final Fantasy: Record Keeper off of Google Play for free. To celebrate this update’s release, Square Enix is holding a giveaway for various prizes including a Cloud Figure signed by TetsuyaNomura. To enter, all you have to do is complete certain specified quests in-game, and your name/account will be put into the drawing for the figurine and other prizes. Full prize details and how to qualify are available below.

Prize details and how to qualify:

– Win a Cloud Figure signed by TetsuyaNomura!
Beginning today, August 11, through August 31, players that have completed the opening tutorial (the “Mako Reactor No. 1 Classic” level from FINAL FANTASY VII) will be entered for a chance to win one of five incredibly detailed Cloud figures signed by one of the creative masterminds behind the FINAL FANTASY and KINGDOM HEARTS franchises.

– FINAL FANTASY Awaits: Win a PlayStation® 4!
From August 14 to August 31, players that have completed the “Mako Reactor No. 5 Classic” level from FINAL FANTASY VII will be entered to win a PlayStation®4 to start getting ready for the upcoming release of FINAL FANTASY XV! Three prizes will be awarded.

– Airship Adventure: Win a United Airlines Gift Certificate Worth $4,000!
Between August 17 and August 31, players that have completed the “Zanarkand Classic” level from FINAL FANTASY X can enter to win an airship adventure in the form of a $4,000 United Airlines gift certificate!

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