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Vainglory gets a $26 million cash infusion in latest round of funding

Super Evil Megacorp has done quite well for themselves since the release of their mobile MOBA Vainglory onto Android and iOS. Now the company has got a nice influx of cash thanks to a round of funding that netted the company over $26 million and some new partners.

The round of funding was aimed to push Vainglory into mainstream eSports, with the game already having a few tournaments that have happened as well as a newly announced Vainglory International Premier League, which will open its doors on August 16th. The top teams from around the world will be competing for a chunk of the $70,000 prize pool. This is just the start for Vainglory and eSports if Super Evil Megacorp has their way with things.

While the $26 million number is pretty cool, fundraising is actually mostly not about the money, contrary to what people think. Fundraising is about choosing amazing partners to help you grow as a company. – COO, Kristian Segerstrale

It’s all about the eSports mass-market and that’s where Vainglory wants to go, becoming a premier MOBA in eSports to the world, but on mobile devices. The new International league will be broadcasted on live TV over in Korea, which is a big step already in achieving that.

Website Referenced: Gamasutra

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