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[UPDATE: Game Released] Hands-on with Madfinger Games’ upcoming zombie shooter Unkilled

We have reported on Madfinger Games’ next big release called Unkilled a few times already, keeping an eye on the game’s development. We’ve even gone hands-on with a very early build earlier this year. However at Gamescom we were able to get more hands-on time with a much more complete build of Unkilled.

[UPDATE: Thursday, September 3rd – 2:37 AM, PST] Madfinger Games latest zombie fest is now available to download in the Google Play Store. The graphics are top-notch and there is more of a story to experience this time around. If you are interested in checking it out, you can download the game for free. The game does include optional IAP’s as well. The link to download the game can be found at the end of this article.

For those of you who missed our previous coverage for Unkilled, this is Madfinger Games’ next big FPS zombie shooter with plenty of eye candy to check out while you blow the heads off zombies. We were able to give Unkilled a proper whirl at Gamescom using both the game’s touchscreen controls as well as a controller. The controller was the Shield controller, playing the game on a Shield tablet. So we can’t say 100% if native controller support will happen since games can be button mapped with the Shield Controller and Tablet combo. However, we can say that with how the controller worked, Unkilled will more than likely have native controller support.

We played a few missions to check out how everything flowed together. Essentially each area will have objectives to complete. Once those are completed, you will move onto the next area. However the missions and objectives vary greatly. So while one mission may be defending a room from hordes of zombies, the next one might be using a sniper rifle to take out specific zombies instead, with a more stealth-like feel to the mission.

The story in Unkilled is basically that a zombie apocalypse happened but it isn’t a total apocalyptic world as there is still a government. However a mysterious individual has threaten said government with giving him the right to do as he wants because he can apparently control the zombies. So you will take on the role of a soldier with a female partner who is sent out to help local troops in trouble and eventually put a stop to this mysterious person. Obviously the story goes much deeper than that, but that is the gist of it.

There’s a lot of content planned for Unkilled, with over 150+ missions already in-game. It will be free to download and will have optional IAPs as well. The controller works real well with this game, especially for those of you who like assisted aiming. Hopefully that optional can be toggled on/off. When we talked to our friends at Madfinger Games during our meeting, they told us that multiplayer was on the table as something they are considering implementing into the game in a future update.

As for a release date, you can expect Unkilled to land on Google Play (and iOS) sometime in the second week of September, after Sept.3rd. 2015.

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