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Tobacco Inc is a (strange) new sim game where you’re in charge of a tobacco company

In one of the stranger themed games we have seen, Tobacco Inc is a new sim game where players gain control of a tobacco company, producing cigarettes and trying to grow profits. In a sort of similar goal to other games like Bio Inc or Plague Inc, this game wants you to get a 99,9% smoking rate across the world.

It’s an ambitious goal, getting 99.9% of the world’s population to smoke your cigarettes. However, if you can wipe the world’s population out with a flu in Plague Inc, than anything is possible. Players will have to develop different brands and flavors within their company to sell to a small population at first, before going international with your cigarettes. You will also want to increase your cigarettes addictiveness in order to earn more sales.

Tobacco Inc has a pretty strange theme for a game, especially with the world trying to be more healthy and people trying to quit smoking. If you find the normal mode for this game too easy, there is also a hard mode you can play for additional challenge. Tobacco Inc is available off of Google Play for free with optional IAPs available as well.

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