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Knight & Damsel has players fighting to rescue each other, arriving this month for the Ouya

Originally developed during the Toronto Game Jam in 2013, Knight & Damsel from MK-Ultra has been in development since then, but it look like it will finally be getting released onto PC and the Ouya console. Knight & Damsel seems like a pretty fun game, especially since it is an ‘un-cooperative’ multiplayer title.

Knight & Damsel is an interesting game as players will be competing against one another to rescue the other in a papercraft world… well, a papercraft stage. So essentially you will be trying to rescue the other player, while they are trying to rescue you. The first person to rescue the other player wins. One players takes control of the knight, the other is the damsel. The reason it will be for Ouya is because the multiplayer aspect is local only, at least for right now. Adding online multiplayer would be a smart move to do.

The developers haven’t revealed too many details outside of what we have already mentioned, but it sounds like a pretty fun game to play. If you own an Ouya console, or want to play it on PC, it will be available on August 20th, 2015. We will post an update once it is officially released. When it does get released, it will be available for $7.99 on sale for a limited time, then it will be $9.99 once the sale ends.

Developer Website: MK-Ultra

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