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New puzzle-platformer Dinofour is now available on Google Play

Released by CraigEatsCrayons, Dinofour is a platform adventure game that has just been released onto Google Play. Within Dinofour, players will seek to reclaim the dinosaur eggs that have been lost, and can be found at the end the levels, of which there are more than seventy, spread out over three different worlds.

Players will be controlling four different dinosaurs, each with a unique ability, and all of them will be necessary to sokventhenouzzles found through the game. For example, the orange dinosaur can spot fire, which is helpful is melting blocks of ice; the green one can move obstacles, the purple one reverses gravity for itself, and the blue one can fly.

Dinefour Features:

– 3 Unique worlds
– Over 70 challenging levels
– 4 playable Dinos each with their own special ability
– Secret areas and special items to collect
– Retro-styled, pixel art graphics
– Captivating, retro-inspired soundtrack
– Simple and intuitive controls

Dinofour is available from Google Play for a flat $1.49. You can also check out the game in action via the trailer below.

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