Day: August 14, 2015

Game News

Laser Dog will finally be releasing their crazy little platformer Hopiko next month

Laser Dog, known for previous games Puk and Alone, have been working on a great retro-style platformer called Hopiko for awhile now. In fact we reported on this game coming to Android back in April of this year. So it has been a few months since we’ve heard anything about when this game will be released. Now we have a release date finally thanks to a post on Vine from the developers.

Game News

Popular PC strategy MMO game Stronghold Kingdoms will be coming to Android next year

Firefly Studios has announced today that they will be bringing their popular PC strategy MMO game called Stronghold Kingdoms to Android next year. The Android version of this game actually came about because of the game’s community requesting it enough that it literally made the Android version of the game a reality. Originally, this game was only announced for iOS.

Game News

[Update: Availability] Ankama soft launches their strategy arcade game Tactile Wars onto Android in select regions

Ankama seems to be quite busy these days when it comes to developing mobile games. Currently the company has at least three games that we know of in the works for Android, a couple of which we have already talked about including WAKFU Raiders. We can now add a fourth game to this list called Tactile Wars which just soft launched today onto Google Play in select regions.