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Looks like development for Super Meat Boy Forever has started back up

Awhile ago we reported on a mobile version of the rather challenging platformer Super Meat Boy was in the works. However, shortly after that news came out, things ended up going silent on that front. As it turns out, indie dev Edmund McMillen took a break from development after working on his PC game Fingered. Now he’s back in action and focused on finishing Super Meat Boy Forever, the mobile spin-off of Super Meat Boy.

For those of you who missed our previous coverage, Super Meat Boy Forever features the original Super Meat Boy world from Xbox Live Arcade game but with mobile-friendly touch controls. However this will be an all-new game with all-new levels that will focus on using touch controls to achieve the same sort of precision jumping that the console platformer required. This will be accomplished, hopefully, without the use of multiple onscreen joysticks.

What this won’t be is an endless runner. It will feature an endless mode though for those who want to jump into that and see how long they can last. Interestingly enough, Team Meat’s other mobile game we reported on, called Mewgenics, is on hold right now until Super Meat Boy Forever is finished. Once Super Meat Boy Forever is out, it sounds like development for the old cat lady sim game will resume.

You can check out Edmund McMillen’s full interview with Destructoid for all things relating to meat.

Source: Destructoid

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