Day: 25 August 2015


The Quiet Collection comes to Android today… shhhhh

You may or may not remember us writing about a game that was making its way from Xbox Live Arcade to Android called Quiet, Please!. This is a pretty unique retro-style game which actually has a few additional titles in the franchise, all of which have slowly been made available on Google Play since the original game’s release onto Android. Now you can pick up the entire Quiet, Please! series with the new Quiet Collection on Google Play or Amazon’s Appstore.


YouTube Gaming will finally be launching tomorrow along with its new mobile application

YouTube almost bought Twitch not too long ago before Amazon got a hold of it instead. However, before Amazon got a hold of it, YouTube integrated a little feature into their platform that announces when a Twitch stream goes live who also has a YouTube channel. The YouTube decided that they too could provide a platform for video game live streams and that is when YouTube Gaming was announced. Now, after a Summer of waiting, YouTube Gaming will be officially launching tomorrow.


Super Heavy Sword Review: In short, don’t bother, at least not right now.

This is the type of review that I’m not happy to write. Super Heavy Sword is an extremely disappointing game, yet seems to have so much potential. For all I know, it very well could be living up to it, but the game has a bug that precludes me from getting far enough into the game, to really get a feel for what it could be; this is to say nothing of other critiques that I will offer as well. So here is my review, for what I could play.


Scott Cawthon reveals the Halloween plans for Five Nights At Freddy’s and a possible new game

Originally Five Nights At Freddy’s 4, which is the last game in the series, was supposed to launch on Halloween this year. However, development for the game went exceedingly well and so it was released early. Along with the release came a promise that there would still be something happening on Halloween, mainly an update to the game. That was as far as the details went until now.


Hearthstone’s Grand Tournament expansion is live and in full swing

Blizzard’s much anticipated Hearthstone expansion has finally arrived and right on time. After much teasing, including slowly revealing some of the 132 new cards between the time the company announced the Grand Tournament expansion and its actual arrival, The Grand Tournament has finally arrived yesterday afternoon. If you pre-purchased the expansion, you were also able to open up all those packs of cards that have been staring you in the face all this time.


[Update: Released] Konami reveals their official Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain companion app will launch with the game next month

The next installment into the Metal Gear Solid franchise will be released at the beginning of next month, and along with the game’s release Konami will also be launching an official companion app as well. The app will be similar to the previously release Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes application in regards to features and what it will be able to do.