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We’ve teamed up with Virch Gaming and GFZ Studios for a new video series

We are always looking to expand our content in any way possible, whether it be hosting gameplay videos from our readers, live game streams on Twitch and shortly on YouTube Gaming as well, and even other video content on YouTube. Now we have teamed up with Virch Gaming and GFZ Studios for a new series of videos we hope you’ll enjoy called Level Up.

This new series of videos will cover a wide range of topics that will be related to video games, both on and off mobile devices, Android game reviews, retro gaming topics, and pretty much anything else we can think up. When our new site design launches shortly, you’ll be able to access these videos right off the front page of our site. We will be adding them here on our current design as well of course.

In the meantime, enjoy the first video in what will be an ongoing series. When a new video launches, it will initially be available on Virch Gaming’s YouTube channel as well as on our site right away, then on our YouTube channel co-hosting them a week or so after. So you’ll want to make sure you’re follow both channels.

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