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Earn real products in Real Steel Racing, now on Google Play

Released by KrisMen Rennsport, Real Steel Racing is a new 3D racing game released onto Google Play. Like many other racing games, players will control a vehicle from a 3Rd person perspective. Matches can be multiplayer, or alone against the AI.

Players will be able to fire upon other cars, as well as run into them, in the hopes of eliminating the competition. Throughout the course, players can collect coins that, when converted into “Realbucks”, can be redeemed for actual products, according to the the presser. We’ve included a video that explains how that process works.

Real Steal Racing Features:

– Single & Multiplayer.
– No annoying ads or IAP.
– 3D Graphics. Real Steal has stunning high-quality 3D graphics that make the race look realistic.
– Power-ups. During the game you’ll pick-up various power-ups (i.e. nitros, ammos) that can help you win the race or achieve the in-game goals
– Great Gameplay. You can use tilt or touch to manoeuvre your car on the tracks.

In an interesting twist, players can steal the “Realbucks” from each other during races. They also claimed in the release that there’s are no ads or IAPs within the game, which is offered for free, and they’re using another method that’s “an innovative way of advertising without affecting the user game experience”.

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