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Kongregate has around 5 games slated for release onto Android before the year’s end

We went to the GameStop Expo yesterday to check out everything we could during the one-day event, and there is usually a decent amount of mobile goodness each year. Kongregate had a few games on display this year, three of which happen to also be part of the planned five that are heading our way soon.

Of the five planned games for Android between now and the end of the year, we got to go hands-on with three of them: Spellstone, Brave Squad, and Raid Brigade. Each game is completely different from one another as well.


This game is actually going to be the first one to make it to Android with a release coming this month. Spellstone is a CCG title with RPG elements layers onto it as well as multiplayer gameplay as well. Players will be building up their collection of cards, working their way through a single-player campaign, or taking on other players in PvP combat or going after them when they have a Bounty put on them. Most cards can be leveled up as well as evolved to become stronger.

While at first the gameplay looks simplistic, and it is so you can learn all the ins and outs, there is actually a lot of depth to the combat. The stronger cards have abilities that compliment other abilities other cards in your hand or on the battlefield may have. Also, instead of something like Mana to use when summoning cards/creatures, each card has a ‘delay’ rating instead. So, for example, a card with a delay rating of 3 takes three turns to end up active on the battle field.

Spellstone is planned for release onto Android on September 15th, 2015 as long as everything goes well with the beta testing that is going on right now. When it does get released, it will be available for download for free with optional IAPs available as well.

Brave Squad

This particular game is a sort of endless runner style of title, but without any running. Instead you will choose one of three pilots that will be available at launch, and then hit the skies to take out as many aliens and enemies as possible before dying. You will have two planes, one on each side of your plane, that will provide extra support as well. These plans can also level up along the way, becoming stronger.

The enemies are blurry due to moving very fast downwards

When you die, and you will, you will be able to spend the money you earned that round on upgrades, or save your money up for future ones. Upgrades range from permanently increasing the strength of your shots, to temporary shields, distance boosters, and so on.

Brave Squad is still in development and has a general release time frame of October 15th, 2015. Of course that could change, just depends on how the rest of the game’s development and testing goes.

Raid Brigade

The last game we checked out is called Raid Brigade and is a blend of strategy, action, and RPG gameplay all in one title. On top of that, you will have city building mechanics as well. Players will have their own kingdom to build up, resources to gather, and so on. There will be over 100 heroes for players to collect as well, all of which fall into three main classes: Warrior, Ranged, and Magic.

When not working on building your city, you will be taking your current group of heroes out and completing quests, finding loot, leveling them up, and defeating bosses. This part of the game almost feels like a dungeon crawler in some ways, since you will be controlling your heroes and killing off enemies. At the end of each ‘dungeon’ there will also be a boss fight as well.

Raid Brigade is slated for release in November 15th, 2015. This, too, is a tentative release date as long as everything goes smoothly with the rest of the development.

We should be getting more details about these three games, as well as the other upcoming titles, in the neat future. When we do, we will post an update as well.

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