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Upcoming CCG Valhalla Lost will soon be starting a closed beta testing phase

Game Hollywood is currently developing a new collectible card game called Valhalla Lost. This particular game, which is based off of Nordic mythology, will soon be getting a closed beta testing phase that interested gamers can sign up for in order to try and get a spot in the beta testing round.

Valhalla Lost, which has no relation to the movie of the same name, features a Nordic mythology theme to it as well as a few unique features that have been implemented into the game to try and set it apart from the rest of similar games out there. The first is actually more in the design of the cards themselves. There is also a Block mechanic as well, which makes it possible to block attacks without using something like armor.

There is also a skill system which is similar to that found in RPGs. Heroes and monsters within your deck can also be equipped with armor and weapons to help boost their strengths and defenses. So there are a few mechanics that you find in RPGs that have made their way into this game. As for content, players can either do the single-player quests and instances, or fight against other players in multiplayer PvP.

The closed beta program does come with some interesting perks for those of you who manage to get into it.

Closed Beta Perks (not including launch gifts):

1. Become one of our player designer! Your name will be added into the co-designer list.
2. Design a unique card with your name or the information you provide
3. We may add you or the name and story you provide in the game mission
4. We may accept your design of background story or task
5. We may make the card with your art design, even the photos you provide

For those of you interested in trying to get into the closed beta, sign-ups will be going live over on the game’s website in the very near future. We will post an update once those sign-up go live.

Official Website: Valhalla Lost

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