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Ironhide Games announces that their first Kingdom Rush game will remain free permanently

Ironhide Game Studio, the folks behind the very popular Kingdom Rush franchise, has announced that they have made the original Kingdom Rush game free. This isn’t a temporary price change either. The company will keep Kingdom Rush free forever from now on.

Kingdom Rush is what started it all for the franchise. For those of you not familiar with this game, Kingdom Rush is a fun tower defense game with a fantasy theme to it. Since the original game’s launch, there have been two other Kingdom Rush games, each with their own unique themes. In fact the entire franchise has a full lore and storyline behind it, include full backgrounds for each hero.

Not only do players have plenty of towers with upgrades to choose from, they also have heroes available to them as well. Each tower also has a couple of abilities to take advantage of when trying to stop enemies troops. Of course you also have your own troops to worries about as well.

On Google Play Kingdom Rush went free back in April of this year, and it also permanently free on Amazon’s Appstore as well. Regardless of what mobile platform you play on, Kingdom Rush will remain free from now on.

Source: Ironhide Twitter

Amazon Appstore: Kingdom Rush

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