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Tin Man Games does a double release today with Asuria Awakens and Songs of the Mystics

Apparently our friends over at Tin Man Games have been rather busy as of late, or at least that is what we are guessing since the company has release two new interactive gamebooks onto Android today. Both new releases are part of Tin Man Games’ Gamebook Adventures series, with GA 11: Songs of the Mystics and GA 12: Asuria Awakens.

For those of you not familiar with Tin Man Games and their interactive gamebooks, most consider this company to be the best at these interactive choose your own adventure style of books. The have even digitally ported over a bunch of the famous Fighting Fantasy series of gamebooks already. In these books, players will be reading through them and will be presented different choices to make along the way. Depending on the choice you make, you’ll flip to the corresponding page and deal with the results of your choice.

Tin Man Games have added a lot of extras though to their releases including dice rolling, an interactive character sheet, storage for items, and so on, basically making them almost a full RPG. Here is what to expect story-wise with each new release:

GA 11: Song of the Mystics

Travel to the secluded Isla des Misticos, home to the enigmatic Mystics. You are the daughter of the Earth Queen, leader of the Mystics, and find yourself in dire peril from the outset. As you uncover a plot to end your life, you also discover new magical abilities through the power of songs. Can you escape from your predestined fate?

GA 12: Asuria Awakens

In the remote Orlandrian coastal town of Casporur, home to the giant statues that rise out of the ocean called the Children of Asuria, something is amiss. The emissary from Orlandes City has been sending messages which are growing more and more alarming – they talk of tremors and civil unrest. When the emissary goes missing, it’s up to you to investigate the disappearance. A new darkness stalks the land. Is this the second coming of Asuria?

Each release, however, have their own unique extra features as well. For example, Songs of the Mystics actually comes with over 15 unique songs to discover and use in your journey. In Asuria Awakens, you have the ability to customize your character a bit differently than past releases. You can become skilled in skills such as Persuasion, Strength, Throwing and Deduction.

Both games are now available on Google Play and both are priced at $5.99. Both games also do not have IAPs either.

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