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Square Enix shows off Final Fantasy Brave Exvius at the Tokyo Game Show (2)

Square Enix had a pretty strong showing this year at the Tokyo Game Show, with plenty of mobile goodness to be found. Well, at least the company talked about a lot of mobile goodness. As for anything playable, there wasn’t a whole lot there that isn’t already available to play. However, the company did have a new Final Fantasy game being talked about and shown off.

This new game is called Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and while there isn’t very little in the way of details right now, Square Enix did throw out a new teaser trailer for the game. TouchArcade described it best as “a Final Fantasy-flavored take on Brave Frontier with some gorgeous Yoshitaka Amano character art”. You can check out the Final Fantasy Brave Evxius trailer below. When we get more details, we will post an update.

Website Referenced: TouchArcade

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