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Get your codes for a max level legendary White Thunderwolf card for Warhammer 40K: Space Wolf here

Lately we have been giving away a lot of cool in-game stuff for a variety of games, and we have even more coming over the next few days. However today we have some really good that players of Warhammer 40K: Space Wolf will want to grab as fast as they can. What is it? It is the legendary White Thunderwolf card at max level. Not only is this a maxed out White Thunderwolf, this is the ONLY way to get this card. You can’t earn it in the game, craft it, or buy it.

So how do you get this card? Well it is actually pretty easy. There are 5 codes below, four of them will give you a 1st level White Thunderwolf card, and one will give you a 3rd level White Thunderwolf card. Once you have all five of these cards, you will be able to use them to craft a legendary White Thunderwolf card at maxed out level. It will be yours to keep forever.

To redeem the codes and make your maxed out legendary White Thunderwolf card, open the shop and enter each of the codes into the special ‘redeem promo code’ field. Then go into the ‘Cards’ section, and begin the merging process once you’ve redeemed all the codes. Merge two 1st level cards together to get a 2nd level White Thunderwolf card. Do this twice so you end up with two 2nd level cards. Take those two 2nd level cards and merge them together to make a 3rd level White Thunderwolf. Now merge the two 3rd level Thunderwolf cards together and you end up with a maxed out (4th level) legendary White Thunderwolf card.

Codes to Redeem:


You need to use ALL 5 codes in order to get the maxed out legendary White Thunderwolf card. These codes will be valid and redeemable until September 28th, 2015 23:59pm GMT. After that these codes will not be active anymore. Anyone who doesn’t redeem these codes before the end date will never be able to get a legendary White Thunderwolf card. Enjoy!


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