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Stage TEN announces a new broadcasting platform for eSports coverage

The live game streaming and eSports industries are still pretty new, even with how popular and big they already are. Mobile is just starting to get into the action and is expected to surpass console and PC streaming when it finally comes into full being. With TwitchCon only a few more days away, companies are already starting to announce their new products and one of those new goodies is a company called Stage TEN.

Stage TEN has announced today a new broadcasting platform of the same name that allows for multiple remote game and commentator feeds from various sources which can be mixed together in real time from any browser to produce one stream (or more if you want). The sources can be anything from numerous webcams to mobile devices, all of it coming together into to one spot.

We built Stage TEN for traditional producers and media companies to produce programming that uses the power of the web as more than just an OTT distribution system — content that’s live, social and interactive. We realized that the massive eSports broadcaster market was totally energized by this capability, and that providing these technically savvy and hugely popular talents the same tools we offer major media companies could democratize broadcasting over the web. – said Dave Lazar, president and CEO of Stage TEN.

As for when this new platform will launch, no word on that just yet. However Stage TEN will be showing it off during TwitchCon 2015 so we can expect a lot more details to come soon about the tools and a launch date.

Official Website: Stage TEN

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