Day: 28 September 2015


Implosion – Never Lose Hope Reviewed: great idea, with spotty execution

Implosion: Never Lose Hope is a hack and slash style game that eqs recently released on Android by Rayark International Limited earlier this year. Their teaser trailer qqsnpretty impressive, so it was one that I had my eye in playing/reviewing for a while now. The game is a mixed bag for sure, so let’s jump into the high and low points for this game. Beginning with the low…


[Game Review] Avoid It: A Bold, Brutal and Fascinating Vertical Platformer Reminiscent of Badlands

Avoid It: A Story of Survival is a game that is aptly titled based on the structure of the game play. However, as a gamer, you should do anything, but avoid this game. It is bold, beautiful, and brutally difficult in some areas. It is well worth the price of admission. Exceptional vertical platformers/runners (rollers in this case) are few and far in between. Avoid It heads to the leader of the pack, due to excellent controls, smart and unique game play, and creativity in art that is fascinating.