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Interested in a Nexus 5X? Looks like an official launch date for it slipped out temporarily

The other day Google announced two new Nexus phones during their Nexus event, the Nexus 6P and the Nexus 5X. Both are pretty solid entries into the Nexus brand, with the Nexus 5X in particular being an upgraded version of LG’s previous Nexus 5. Since the original announcement, all that has really been known about the launching of either device is that pre-orders are live now, and that they would be shipping out later this month.

Well it looks like one online retailer may have slipped up and inadvertently revealed the launch date for the Nexus 5X. For those of you who are wanting to grab this particular Nexus phone, there are three colors available, with two different storage size options (32GB and 64GB). Pricing for the Nexus 5X is $379 for the 32GB and $429 for the 64GB.

Anyone purchasing either new Nexus phone will also get a $50 Google Play credit, 90-day free trial of Google Music, and the option to opt into the new Nexus Protect plan. The new protection plan offers an additional year of protection from accidental damage or mechanical breakdown for $69. Both phones also come unlocked as well.

If what Carphone Warehouse posted by accident comes true, then it looks like the Nexus 5X will be launching officially on October 19th, 2015. Take this with a grain of salt of course, as even that date could be wrong. When this happens though, the dates are usually right. The page on Carphone Warehouse has since been changed with the date removed.

Official Website: Google Store

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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