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Nvidia’s GeForce Now gaming-on-demand service is now live including 8 premium titles for purchase

Yesterday we reported that the big changeover for Nvidia’s gaming-on-demand service formally known as Nvidia GRID would be happening today. Sure enough everything is now live including the new name, GeForce Now, the monthly subscription, and eight premium games available for purchase.

For those of you who were using GeForce Now before the changeover when it was known as GRID and completely free, you will now have to purchase a membership for $7.99 a month in order to access all 50+ games that were available. However, the $7.99 subscription fee does come with the first 3 months free, so if you’re new to GeForce Now, you can check it out before making the leap to pay the subscription. This is good for anyone in Europe who now has access to purchasing a Shield Android TV unit as of today as well.

On top of all 50+ games that are included when you pay the $7.99, there are also premium games that can be purchased. Once you do that, you will have that game in full to play whenever you want. You can choose to just stick with the games included in the subscription of course. If Nvidia keeps up their current trend, there should be a new GeForce Now game every Tuesday. Right now there are a total of eight premium games available for purchase, with another four labeled as coming soon. Pricing ranges from $19.99 (Saints Row titles) all the way up to $59.99 for The Witcher III.

You will need to update your Nvidia Shield Hub application on your Shield device(s) of choice in order to access anything related to GeForce Now.

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