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Collect gems while avoiding pitfalls in Floor’s Lava, now available from Google Play

Released by MonkeyTemple, Floor’s Lava is a new endless runner that’s now available from Google Play. Players control a retro-looking character that adjusted to be stylized after Indiana Jones, seeking to collect gems that are spread out over lava infested caverns.

Players will use a simple, one touch control scheme for jumping over obstacles and gaps that contain only lava. Story-wise, there isn’t much in the way of a storyline though. The gems you collect along the way are used to unlock additional characters to play as and extra lives to use.

Floor’s Lava Features:

– Simple and easy gameplay
– Extra life
– Five characters to select from
– Store to purchase extra lives and other characters with collected gems
– No any real-world money required
– Watch video to earn 1000 gems which can be used in store
– Free

Floor’s Lava is available for download off of Google Play for free with no IAPs either.

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