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Humble Bundle Introduces Monthly Subscription Service with PC Games to start

Humble Bundle began as a niche platform for indie game promotion but is now one of the major brands associated with the digital distribution of video games. The organization, renowned for its charity program, steep discounts and solid curation of obscure games, is looking to add a new distinction to its already stellar resumé; a subscription service.

Taking a cue from popular “grab bag” sites Loot Crate and Ipsy, Humble Bundle is endeavoring to offer a digital service that provides gamers with a monthly grab bag experience of their own.

Subscribers pay a $12 monthly fee in exchange for a monthly mystery bundle. The games contained in each bundle are not revealed until after the bundle has debuted. At this time, Humble Bundle has not expressed whether or not these bundles will be all new, repeats of previous bundles or some combination therein, but here is a brief overview of what is known.

When does each bundle unlock?
The first Friday of every month.

What are the games playable on?
Steam for Windows. Sometimes more!

Can I cancel my subscription?
Yes! Whenever you’d like.

If I cancel, do I keep my games?
Of course. They’re all yours

Of interest is the statement about game platforms. Currently, the service is slated for Windows, but the exclamation of “sometimes more” leaves the door open for Android, Linux and Mac as well. To sign up for the service, you can head over to Humble Bundle’s sign up page, linked below.

Source: Humble Bundle Monthly

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