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Marvel Puzzle Quest gets their first commercial as well featuring Lou Ferrigno

While TV commercials are becoming more common each month, they are still somewhat of a new thing to experience when watching TV or videos. Companies aren’t holding back either with the cost of these commercial, bringing on some big names to play a role in each one of them. Marvel Puzzle Quest has gotten their first TV commercial which features the original Hulk himself Lou Ferrigno.

The commercial is part of the 2 year anniversary of Marvel Puzzle Quest which is hosting a bunch of different events and other goodies to help make the celebration a fun experience. Besides what we reported earlier about the new tournament and characters, Marvel Puzzle Quest is hosting a sale for a 30% bonus on all Iso-8 and Hero Points purchases from October 5th (starting at 3PM PST) through October 11th, 2015. So if you do spend money in this game on IAPs, now is a good time to grab some more in-game goodies.

As for the commercial, it shows a lady getting onto a flight, who happens to get sat next to an incredibly annoying passenger. She proceeds to beat him after dealing with him for a bit, followed by Lou Ferrigno bumping fists with her on a job well done. You can check out the extended version of the commercial above. The regular version can be viewed here on YouTube.

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