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MMA Manager gets updated, fixes the lost data problem and more

Bit by Bit Games has released a new update for their fighter management sim game MMA Manager. This is actually a pretty important update actually as the previous one had a problem with data deletion happening. This new one fixes that problem and it should restore any saves lost from v1.1.5 that may have happened.

Besides the very important recovery of information, this update does add some new goodies to the game as well. One new feature allows for the couches and staff for your fighter to give advice in between rounds when your fighter is sitting in his corner. Also included in this update is the addition of the complete fighter’s fight history in their info window now.

MMA Manager Changelog:

• Restored v1.2, should restore any saves lost from v1.1.5 or give you the option to use the “lost” save or any newer ones.
• Sharing screenshots via the camera button, this requires new permissions to Read & Write to storage
• Corner gives advice between rounds
• Fighter stats gradually decay down to 40 when they’re not training in that discipline
• The Fighter’s info screen now includes their complete fight history (from this update) & how many times they’ve missed weight or failed PED tests

This update is now available for download off of Google Play. If you have been playing MMA Manager, you will absolutely need to download this update in order for your game get all the data you might have lost back.

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