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[Update: Game Released] Appealing Puzzle Game Ghosts of Memories is Coming to Android. Get in on the Beta

Ghosts of Memories is a new puzzle game that is coming to Android. The initial screenshots show a game rendered in colorful soft tones, and structures of mystery, akin to Stonehenge. The game play looks to be reminiscent of the extremely popular game Monument Valley. Paplus Games will be releasing the game October 16th, and we are definitely interested in checking this one out.

[UPDATE: Thursday, October 15th – 10:01pm, PST] For those of you who have been waiting for this game, Ghost of Memories is now available for download off of Google Play. You can grab a copy of this game through the link at the bottom of this article for $2.99.

[UPDATE: Tuesday, October 13th – 7:24 AM, PST] Paplus Games tweeted a couple of hours ago, that their game Ghosts of Memories will be available to download in the Google Play Store this Friday, October 16th. If you are looking for the next intriguing puzzle game in the vein of Monument Valley or Back to Bed, Ghosts of Memories may be a game you want to download later this week. We will update this article once the game goes live in the Play Store.

Puzzle games have been extremely popular this year on Android. They range from casual games like Two Dots, which is full of charm, and more action oriented puzzle games like the recently released Lara Croft Go. The latter, has more in common with Ghosts of Memories, as they both take some direction, if only in art, from Monument Valley. I personally enjoyed Monument Valley and am currently impressed with the game play of Lara Croft Go. Ghosts of Memories has a captivating premise, and will hopefully have compelling game play as well.

“Solve puzzles of ancient civilizations as you travel across worlds filled with mysteries. Experience the variety of beautiful, fantastic landscapes by interacting with them and bending them to your will. Master the powers sealed in an ancient scepter that will aid you in your quest. Reveal the story of a mysterious being reaching out for your help.” – Paplus Games

The first trailer that introduces us to the game, shows a world set in a 2.5 isometric perspective. Most gamers should now be familiar with this setting. Puzzle game Back 2 Bed, Monument Valley and a few others, have chosen to use the same perspective. We are not sure exactly how the puzzle aspect will be implemented. We do know from what Paplus Games has mentioned, that players will be able to manipulate the environment, and that worlds will be intertwined with one another. Much like the trailer, it all sounds quite mysterious.

If you are lucky enough, maybe you can get in on the beta that they have for the game. We will include the link to the beta below. The game is set to be released October 16th for Android/iOS. We don’t know if it will be a premium priced game or not. Once we find out, we will let you know. If it follows others in the genre like Monument Valley, or Back to Bed, it will be a paid game. Let us know what you think in the comments below. Are you up for another puzzle/adventure game?

Official WebsiteGhost of Memories (Beta Sign-up)


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