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MaxPlay is a new cloud-based game development engine for multiple platforms

It’s not often when we get to write about a new game development engine becoming available, it’s a hard market to break into. There are the juggernaut engines out there right now that dominate developers and their time, like Unreal Engine 4 and Unity3D for example. However today is a day we do get to write about a new game engine, and this one is called MaxPlay.

You know you play too many games when every time you want to type MaxPlay you end up almost typing MaxPayne. Anyways, back to the subject at hand shall we? MaxPlay is a new game development engine that does have some pretty enticing features to it. The main goal for MaxPlay though is to become the ‘Google Docs for Game Developers’. This particular engine has cloud-based features to allow for collaboration between developers even though they may be in different locations.

Remote collaboration isn’t a new feature to game development engines, most of them have added this ability in past updates. MaxPlay, however, has been built from the ground-up with remote collaboration in mind, so the entire process is native to the engine itself. MaxPlay allows developers to collaborate in-engine, in real time, at distance. This engine is mainly made up of a native runtime engine and a local-client editor you run on your machine. From here you can then choose to either work independently, or in tandem with others using MaxPlay’s server architecture.

The GDS (Game Development Suite) is designed so that all skillsets required to build games can work together simultaneously, in the same game scene or project, an engineer or designer makes a script change in New York and I can instantly see the change in the editor, or in the previewer, or even on the intended game platform instantly in Los Angeles…there’s no more waiting for daily builds before you see each other’s work. – MaxPlay CEO Sinjin Bain

The collaboration aspect of MaxPlay can go further than just the coding part of a game’s development. For example, Bain mentions that “a contract artist in the Phillippines can edit an asset in Maya while the lead artist in London watches that object displayed, in real-time, on the intended shipping device“.

The team behind MaxPlay is actually made up of a lot of ex-EA talent, which is quite interesting in itself. On top of everything the engine currently does, the team behind it is also planning to expand the platforms the engine will support, including AR and VR game development. Right now MaxPlay supports Android, iOS, console, and PC game development. As for pricing, that hasn’t quite been decided on just yet. Right now the team is showing off their new engine, getting it ready for shipping, so pricing will be announced soon.

Official Website: MaxPlay

Website Referenced: Gamasutra

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