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DroidGamers Daily Deal: The Complete Raspberry Pi 2 Starter Kit – Hardware, Guides, and more

Today’s DroidGamers Daily Deal in our new store is a full Raspberry Pi 2 Starter Kit, which comes complete with all the hardware you need to get started, guides on what you can do with this, and a couple of programming courses to get you on your way. There is actually quite a lot of interesting things you can do with the Raspberry Pi 2, including installing Android on it.

The Raspberry Pi 2 is the newest version of The Raspberry Pi Foundation microcomputer, featuring plenty of upgrades and improvements over their original unit. There is more memory, a faster processor, and more. Once you install Android 5.1 on your unit, there is even more you can do with it. Of course you can install any OS you want on it for the most part. The best part about this is that this microcomputer is small. Your wallet is probably bigger.

Raspberry Pi 2 microcomputer

Raspberry Pi 2 Features:

– Game, compute & program 6x faster than w/ the previous version
– Enjoy wider compatibility w/ the new ARMv7 quad core processor
– Benefit from more memory: 1 GB RAM vs 512 MB (it has doubled!)
– Run more apps simultaneously without lag
– Use w/ all of the accessories made for the B+
– Get backward compatibility w/ most Raspberry Pi Model B+ projects
– Connect a Raspberry Pi camera & touchscreen display (each sold separately)
– Stream & watch hi-definition 1080P video

For today only our complete Raspberry Pi 2 Start Kit is 85% off. Usually priced at just over $800, today’s daily deal put this entire kit at a price of $115 instead, plus free shipping. This sale will last for the next 4 days. After that this starter kit will return to its regular price.

DroidGamers Deals: Raspberry Pi 2 Starter Kit

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