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Zen Studio announces that their new Archer pinball table will be arriving next week

Fans of Zen Studio’s pinball platform called Zen Pinball have a new pinball table to look forward to playing next week. This new pinball table isn’t a Marvel themed one or anything like that, although it is based off of a cartoon. The official Archer themed pinball table will be arriving onto Zen Pinball for all platforms next week.

For those of you not familiar with the cartoon Archer, it is sort of a James Bond-esque adult cartoon that debuted back in the beginning of 2010. The show is set in New York, although the character in the show travel everywhere, and features a rather self-centered spy named Sterling Archer who works for the International Secret Intelligence Service. He has to deal with everything from global espionage to an overbearing ex-girlfriend, his co-worked, and the fact his code name is “Duchess”. Needless to say, the show has plenty of humor.

Zen Studios will be releasing a new pack of tables called “Balls of Glory” and will actually feature a number of new pinball tables including an American Dad themed table (more on that later). Archer is the newest pinball table to be announced coming with the “Balls of Glory” pack. It will come with all the bells and whistles we’ve come to expect from Zen Studios including plenty of animation, ramps, bonus games, hotseat multiplayer, and so on.

On thing that is interesting about this new pinball table is that while it features the high-end 3D visuals all of the company’s tables come with, some of the bonus games and animations are actually in a cel shaded style of art. So it is a bit of a neat blend of visual styles with this particular table. The “Balls of Glory” pack, complete with the Archer table, will be arriving for all platforms during the week of Oct. 20th. We will post an update once it arrive. In the meantime you can check out additional screenshots and a trailer below.

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