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Kemco gets their own Humble Mobile Bundle, now available with six games to start

The newest Humble Mobile Bundle has arrived and this time it is a themed bundle featuring games from Kemco. The Humble Kemco Mobile Bundle has arrived and features six games to start off with, all for one singular price that you get to pick yourself. If you aren’t familiar with Kemco titles, they are all RPG titles.

This particular Humble Bundle features their standard two-tier system, so you can pay whatever you want over $1 for access to the first three games. If you pay over the average amount at the time of your purchase, you’ll gain access to all six currently available games as well as any future ones added. However, there is an extra addition to this bundle, with bonus content being unlocked as they reach specific goals.

Pay $1 or more and get:

– Symphony of the Origin
– Eclipse of Illusion
– Eve of the Genesis HD

Pay over the average amount and also get:

– Silver Nornir
– Fortuna Magus
– Legend of Ixtona
– and more

Like always, whatever you pay for your bundle can be divided up however you like, whether it all goes to charity, or it is split between Humble Bundle and charity. This bundle’s supported charity is the Red Cross. There is bonus content that will be released when the total amount surpasses $100K, $150K, and $200K. These bonus games will be available for people who pay over the average amount. The first known bonus game will be Knights of the Earthends.

Official Website: Humble Kemco Mobile Bundle

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