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Subway Surfers breaks 1 billion downloads, releases infographic with some interesting statistics

A lot of developers get excited when their game(s) break the 1 million downloads mark, and they should, it is a pretty big feat to get a million people to download a game or an application. Breaking 10 million is even more exciting, and so is 50 million. The higher the downloads number gets, the smaller the list of games and applications reaching those goals gets. Breaking a billion downloads is something only a few games have done, and Subway Surfers is the latest one to do it.

This isn’t a billion downloads on just Android though. It’s over a billion downloads in total across all mobile platforms the game is on. Even still, a billion is a massively difficult goal to reach. In order to celebrate this feat, the developers have released an infographic with a few interesting statistic on it. It isn’t the biggest infographic ever, but some of the statistics are neat, like how many round trips from the Earth to the Sun has been ran in-game. Enjoy.

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