Game News opens up a new mobile division to focus strictly on mobile gaming has announced today that they have opened up a new division of their company that will focus solely on the mobile gaming market. Officially called WG Cells, this arm of will focus on development and publishing regarding all things relating to mobile and

The new division of this company is a direct result of the success World of Tank Blitz has had on Android and iOS, having netted over 35 million downloads across all mobile platforms it is available on. It also looks like wants to push even further into the mobile markets, dedicating a development studio in Seattle and Kyiv to WG Cells.

Wargaming is committed to developing a strong mobile gaming business as one of our major pillars of our corporate strategy. We understand that the mobile market is massive and has even greater potential. WG Cells allows us to take advantage of this market, provide great games and expand our product scope. – Victor Kislyi, CEO of Wargaming

This new division won’t be focusing solely on products either. Similar to what Rovio did with Rovio Stars, WG Cells will be a brand on its own but connected to the main company. They will be publishing third-party titles, leveraging their existing brand to help developers with their game releases.

If you’re interested in learning more about WG Cells, or possibly even trying to submit a game to them, you can check out their official website for all of those details.

Official Website: WG Cells

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