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Keep the airport running smoothly in the official Airplane Simulator 2, coming to Android this Winter

Soon to be released by Astragon, Airport Simulator 2 is set to arrive on Android this Winter. This is the same company that made the Airport Simulator franchise for PC. In Airport Simulator 2, players will assume the role of an airport employee and will be charged with maintaining the airport’s smooth operation. As with any good simulator game, players will have a number of different vehicles at their disposal (14 in total) that include a mobile boarding bridge, aircraft tug, fuel truck and an aircraft de-icing vehicle.

With the above mentioned vehicles, players will be required to juggle all the different activities that are needed to be done at an airport. This includes things like taxiing aircraft and ground-based traffic. It isn’t always sunny in real life and so it won’t be either in Airport Simulator 2. You will have a variety of diverse weather conditions (such as rain, snow, sunshine, etc) to deal with while trying to taxing planes and ensure that there are no crashes.

Airport Simulator 2013

There will also be a day/night cycle in the game, so you will have to adjust how things are handled when night time rolls around. Along the way you will need to upgrade your vehicles to keep up with increasing demand for more flights and even more travelers. If you can pull off keeping the airport running smoothly, you can earn various trophies and awards for good performance.

Unfortunately we don’t have any specific release date for Airport Simulator 2 beside ‘coming this Winter 2015’, nor do we have any pricing info either. We will post an update once that information becomes available as well as any screenshots. However, if you played the previous Airport Simulator games, you should have a fairly good idea what to expect with this one visually.

Please note: Screenshots are from Airport Simulator 2013 for PC, just being used as reference here.

Developer Website: Astragon Entertainment

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