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Rovio releases Angry Employees. It’s not a game though, it’ll soon be a third of their workforce

Angry Employees, it’s not a new game from Rovio, although it is something Rovio has created. Today the company has announced that they are downsizing their workforce, and will be letting go roughly a third of their staff who will soon be needing to find new jobs. In total that is 213 people who will be leaving Rovio.

This restructuring has been awhile coming, with its possibility of happening announced in August. However, at that time it wasn’t a sure thing. At that time Rovio was planning to cut 260 jobs, so the fact that the number has decrease is a good thing for a few people at least. Once this happens and Rovio has restructured, they will focus solely on three aspects of their business: games, media, and consumer products. So basically there won’t be much of a change there. The job cuts will happen across the entire company, except those folks working on the Angry Birds movie.

Apparently Rovio has been focusing on a lot more than those three areas and it hasn’t done so well with the extra businesses. Although, and we are sure a lot of commenters are going to say this, it could also be because the company keeps beating to death their Angry Birds franchise. Whether that is actually true, who knows. However, with Rovio focusing solely on games, media, and consumer products once the job cuts happen, we should see more Angry Birds (and other Rovio games) merchandise coming our way.

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