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Spacetime Studios upcoming mobile MOBA Call of Champions officially launches next month. Android beta begins today.

We have covered Spacetime Studios upcoming mobile MOBA game titled Call of Champions a few times since it was originally announced. Recently the iOS version launched and now the Android version is almost ready to go as well. However, until the game’s launch, anyone interested in playing it now can sign up for the Android beta.

For those of you who have missed our previous coverage of Call of Champions, this is a slightly different type of MOBA game that you are probably used to. Spacetime Studios took the genre and built a game from the ground up to fit around mobile gameplay. There are no minions in this game, matches are quick fast-paced 5 minute ones, and it is all action. The goal is to destroy the enemy’s base or have the most kills when the time runs out. There is also the ‘Orb of Death’ to deal with as well. Teams use this orb, pushing it along the way to the enemy’s base, as a damage mitigator when attacking towers. So there’s a lot of unique mechanics in Call of Champions.

Matches are two teams of three heroes fighting it out in two-lane maps. The center area also contains team-wide buffs that are very helpful if you can manage to snag them. All heroes are upgradeable with 10 different tiers of skills, but all of that is done outside of matches with the XP you earn from winning/losing a match. There is also an entire suite of eSports focused tools that will arrive with Call of Champions including the ability to zoom in on the action, rewind/fast-forward, and so on. At launch there will be 15 heroes available, but there will be over 40 by the time all the characters are released into the game with future updates.

The Android beta sign-ups are now live over on the Call of Champions website. So if you want to get into the game early, that would be the way to go. If you’re not into playing the beta, you can download the game for free when it officially launches in November, although no specific date was announced. You can also check out the new Call of Champions trailer below.

Official Website: Call of Champions (beta sign-ups)

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