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Race your way to the top in Bike Unchained, now available from Google Play

Released by Red Bull Media House, Bike Unchained is a racing game that’s now available on Google Play today. This particular game features a variety of mountain biking styles that you’ll need to learn in order to win races.

Players are looking to build a crew containing the best riders in the world. Your team is looking to unseat your biggest rivals, Team Praedor, as top dog. You will need to master different styles of mountain biking that include Enduro, Downhill, and Slope-style Mountain Biking, as well as a variety of tricks and stunts, as they race towards the finish.

There’s also an element of customization in Bike Unchained. In addition to building your crew, players will also look to round out the gear of the crew and their bikes, as well as their skill set. You can even supply their own soundtrack. The game includes a full 60 different tracks to race, and they are sprinkled over three different locations:Whistler, the Alps, and Japan. There are a variety of modes of play, that include a storied campaign, as well as both quick play and special contests. Lastly, the game uses the likeliness of these bike riders: 

– Aaron Gwin (USA)
– Brandon Semenuk (CAN)
– Andreu Lacondeguy (ESP)
– Rachel Atherton (UK)
– Gee Atherton (UK)

– Yannick Granieri (FRA)
– Martin Söderström (SWE)
– Matti Lehikoinen (FIN)
– Thomas Genon (BEL)

Bike Unchained Features:

  • 60 tracks and 3 amazing real-world locations to explore – Whistler, the Alps and Japan – with more to come.
  • Ride each lush environment at different times of day – no two rides are the same
  • 60 tracks action packed with the freshest and gnarliest tricks
  • Pump your bike down the slope for extra speed, get stylish air time and pull off tsunami flips, tailwhips and other crazy mayhem.
  • Build your crew, customize their gear and skills to secure that top spot in the competition.
  • Experience your own personal soundtrack that plays to your riding style
  • Simple but skillful one tap mountain bike riding: go with the flow and stick the hardest tricks with smooth controls.

Bike Unchained is a pretty solid bike racing game for mobile devices. For those of you interested in picking up a copy, you can grab this game off of Google Play for free with optional IAPs included as well. You can check out Bike Unchained in action with the trailer below.

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