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Wakfu Raiders Halloween Event begins this week, complete with pumpkin heads and a new UI

gumi inc. will be hosting a Halloween event within their Wakfu Raider’s game that begins today and runs for the next few weeks. The Halloween event in question will have everything in the game decorated in the spirit of Halloween, and this includes all the dungeons as well.

There will be Jack O’ Lanterns and other spooky Halloween designs all throughout the game world and dungeons of Wakfu Raiders. Clearing out the dungeons will also have players winning exclusive Halloween-themed weapons (including other equipment and materials as well), all of which are only available exclusively through this event. So when the event ends, these weapons will no longer be accessible.

It isn’t all pumpkins and candy with this update though. A new difficultly for the Crypt Mode has been added to the game, for anyone looking for added challenge. There is also a new recruitment item called the Summoner’s Key and the overall unit UI has been revamped for a bit more of a user-friendly experience. Lastly, there is a new 7-day login bonus for new players.

This Halloween update is now available for download off of Google Play. If you haven’t tried this game out but want to, downloading Wakfu Raiders off of Google Play is also free.

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