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Amazon is hosting an Amazon Double Coins Back deal this week until November 1st

For those of you who try to collect and use Amazon Coins, the company has a Double Coin Back promotion going on this week regarding a couple of games. Anyone who purchases 5,000 or 10,000 Amazon Coins on the Amazon Appstore will be able to do so at 20% off their regular price. This essentially allows players to buy more while spending less.

Normal pricing for 5,000 and 10,000 Amazon Coins is $45 and $90 respectively while being 10% off. However, during this week the discount increases to 20%, so that is double what you normally would be saving off their regular discounted pricing. On top of that, when a player spends Amazon Coins within certain games right now, they will receive coins back. An example of this is Clash of Kings, where if you buy 3400 gold for 1990 coins, you end up getting 300 coins back.

There’s a select amount of games offering this sort of deal, where you get additional coins back after spending them. Family Guy: Quest for Stuff is another one offering this sort of promotion. They are currently running a Halloween event called ‘Death at the Drive-In’, which has added a new Halloween theme and quests to the games from players to work their way through.

So if you happen to use Amazon’s Appstore often, and use Amazon Coins for in-game purchases, now is a pretty good time to restock. Between the limited time sale price and certain games giving Amazon Coins back, you can actually save some good money. This promotion is running right now until November 1st, 2015. All games that have IAPs are available through Amazon’s new Underground platform. All of this is in partnership with Amazon so we will have more similar deals coming soon.

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