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DroidGamers Daily Deals: Android Bot Collectible Bundle on sale for 41% off

Android collectible figurines are pretty fun to buy and collect. If you’re into that then you might want to consider today’s daily deal, which is an Android collectible bundle featuring the Big Box Edition of Android figurines from DKE Toys, as well as 6″ Ganndroid plushie.

The Big Box of Android figurines from DKE Toys comes with three randomly chosen Android figurines. All of the figurines in this series are 3″ tall and the available designs you can possibly get with the Big Box Edition are Green, Business Man, Taxi Bot, Yeti, Pinkey, Bear Tag, or Ruby Red. The other item in this bundle is the 6″ tall Ganndroid plush toy which are super soft.

The entire bundle is currently 41% off its regular price of $34. That means for the next three days the bundle is priced at $19.99. Breaking that down, that’s basically the regular price of the Big Box Edition of Android figurines and the Gaandroid plush toy is free essentially. Either way it is a neat little deal for those of you who collect Android figurines.

DroidGamers Daily Deals: Android Collectible Figurine Bundle

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