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Google increases the max pricing limit for apps and games on Google Play

Up until today anyone who publishes an Android game or application onto Google Play had a limit as to how high of a price they could charge. If you’ve been using Android since it was released, you may remember a long time ago a few applications popping up that were ridiculously priced, ranging from $99-$200. We’re not sure what happened to those but we do know the average pricing of apps and games on Google Play is between $0-$5, with a decent amount being $5+ but rarely over $10. Square Enix, of course, is one of those exceptions to the rule, with games regularly priced at $10-$15.

However the absolute most you could charge for an application or game was $200. Today that has changed as Google has increased the limit to $400. This new limit is for the US and why Google decided to increase the limit to $400 is beyond us. I can’t remember any time recently seeing an application or game costing more than $15. The US isn’t the only country to get an increase in the max price limit either.

UK developers can now charge up to £300 for their goods (up from £150), and in Canada developers can charge up to $500 (up from $210). Other countries to get similar increases include Mexico, Australia, Brazil, and India. Who would buy a $500 app or game? No idea but there is probably a few wealthy people out there who don’t mind dropping a few hundred on something they want off of Google Play. You can see a full list of price ranges for each country over on Google Play support.

Websites Referenced: Google Support via Android Police

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