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Square Enix brings their Final Fantasy franchise to Amazon’s Fire TV

If you happen to own Amazon’s Fire TV set-top box, be it the original one or the recently announced HD unit, there are some major franchises on Android you aren’t able to play. One of those was Final Fantasy but that has all changed today with the release of four Final Fantasy titles onto Amazon’s Fire TV.

Fans of the franchise who own a Fire TV set-top box now have a few Final Fantasy games optimized for that particular unit. To celebrate the arrival of these Final Fantasy games, Square Enix has discounted them for a limited time.

Final Fantasy III – $15.99 ⇒ $7.99 (from Oct. 29 – Nov. 5, 2015)
Final Fantasy IV – $15.99 ⇒ $7.99 (from Nov. 5 – Nov. 12, 2015)
Final Fantasy V – $15.99 ⇒ $7.99 (from Nov. 12 – Nov. 19, 2015)
Final Fantasy VI – $15.99 ⇒ $7.99 (from Nov. 19 – Nov. 26, 2015)

Final Fantasy IV

So that is four Final Fantasy games now available for Amazon’s Fire TV, all of which can be purchased at 50% off if you buy those games during the above listed sale dates. You can go to each game’s Amazon Appstore listing by clicking on their names. If you see the sale price not showing up, give it a few minutes and then check again since the sale just started moments ago.

Amazon Appstore: Square Enix

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