Day: 29 October 2015


Help Lara Croft find the Dagger of Xian, in Tomb Raider II, now on Google Play

Square Enix drops another classic today with the release of Tomb Raider II. Starring Lara Croft, players will be seeking out the famous Dagger of Xian, which is believed to posses the power of the dragon. Unfortunately for Laura, she’s not the only person seeking the dagger. She’ll be facing crazed cult members, warrior monks, as well as going up against a variety of hazards such as yeti.


DroidGamers Daily Deal: Mobile app design with Sketch 3 for 91% off

Yesterday’s DroidGamers Daily Deal was all about learning to develop for Android through examples, having built 10 full functioning real world applications by the time you’re done the entire course. When you strike out on your own after that, you’ll have a better idea on how to code applications for Android. While coding is an important aspect to building an application (or game for that matter), design is also equally as important.


Nexon and Respawn Entertainment team up to bring a series of games based on Titanfall to mobile devices

Very interesting news today, especially if you’re a fan of the Sci-Fi themed franchise Titanfall. Nexon and Respawn Entertainment (and Particle City) have announced today that they have teamed up to develop and publish a series of games that will be based off of the Titanfall universe. One thing both companies made abundantly clear is that there will be several titles and that they will all be new and original games.


The Touchjet Pond Projector is now available and turns your wall into a giant touchscreen Android tablet

Back in August of this year we reported on a rather cool device called the Touchjet Wave. What this device does is turn your current HDTV into a giant touchscreen Android tablet basically. One of the issues some people pointed out was that this would lead to a ton of finger prints on your TV, especially with kids, even though you don’t actually have to touch the screen for it to register as a tap. Well it looks like Touchjet decided to make a new device that solves this problem called the Touchjet Pond.